Monday, December 18, 2006

Candle light day and nights

The greater Puget Sound area lost power due to a severe storm for the past few days, which includes us. We were freezing, practically camping conditions. We had running hot water and cooking gas range with no power. Awesome combination for family get together. We did not have telephone, cell phone, no schools, and no work. Just get dressed like penguins with double layers, socks, sweaters and gather around the candle. We never prepare for emergencies like this unless we are in one. We do have flash lights, candles and match boxes- all in a secure place that even we could not find. We need to push up the garage door instead of switching the button, and drove to the nearest grocery store. It was a scary scene, most of the pine trees uprooted across the streets and branches all over the place. Finally got to QFC, the store was running on generators. Most of the gas stations were closed; the few that were opened had hundreds of cars in lines. There was no bread loaf left or the non-scented candles. We quickly picked what we could and back to home. We did manage to find a 9v battery and a radio to listen to what’s going on around. We don’t realize how much we depend on electricity. We spent a day and two nights with candles while we heard stories from my MIL and my MOM. We thank all those who put their lives on line to get our normal life back.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Trying to kill sometime and peeked into all my blog links and felt like I owe one post. It’s high time to dust this place and cleanup for the holiday season. The boys are growing up with Seattle showers. I am hooked onto Zee TV soaps. I am punctual and very attentive, would not get distracted or diverted from 9:00PM to 10:30 PM watching all the family drama. After that I have to switch to Bollywood channel or Teja for fresh dose of Hindi/Telugu movie. I have spent last three years in pursuing my second masters, where I spent my whole nights doing home works. I was deprived of my entertainment time, so getting the most of it now:) Vin and Chotu are editing the Christmas wish lists everyday, guessing if Santa would really give them Nintendo DS this year, because Vin thinks he was average mean (not the math mean) this year. Moved by his introspection Mom decided to get him the latest and hottest Xbox 360. I can use this as my emotional weapon for another couple of months:)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting to know me

Souj send me this a while ago. I am behind on blogging so thought you might enjoy. Also updated Vins and Chotus blogs too:)(don't miss out on his third painting- I think that is our retirement source;)

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:30 am

2. Diamonds or pearls? Of Course Diamonds

3. What was the last film you saw in the cinema? Departed – Must Watch

4. What is you favorite TV show? Friends

5. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Protein bar (addicted to it)

6. What is your middle name? Ratna

7. What is your favorite cuisine? Thai

8. What food do you dislike? Chinese

9. What is your favorite chip flavor? Jalapeno

10.What is your favorite CD/song at the moment?

11. Favorite sandwich? Sub-Factory SW

12. What personal characteristic do you admire? Enthusiasm

13. What would you not be caught dead out of the house
without... on? Deodorant

14.If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation,
where would you go? Tibet

15. When you look back on your life, what nano-moment brought you the
most joy?
Carrying Vin in my arms the first time

16. Coke or Pepsi ? Coke

17. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night owl

18. What is your shoe size? 8 Wide

19. What would you do for a living if you knew that
not only would you not fail, but you would also become
a phenomenal success?

20. Which of your friend's dreams do you wish would come true for
Souj’s and Raja’s

21. If you could change one thing about the world we live in what
would it be?
Poverty – leading cause to many problems

22. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with family or
We will be moving into our new home in two weeks

23. What did you want to be when you were little?
Judge, Lawyer, Doctor, CA, …..

24. Most likely to send this back? Whoever is interested

25. Least likely to send this back? To Souj again

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to School

It is a pleasure to drive Vin and Chotu to school and listen to them talk about things.

Chotu seldom speaks, he is usually lost in his thoughts. In spite of my enquiries he would look out the window into his own world. Sometimes it is my luck.
On one of those lucky days while I was driving to his school last week through a very hilly area covered with pine trees. We could hardly see the sunlight.

Chotu: Mom, drive carefully, you missed the speed limint.

Mom: Yeah kanna I will. (Wow, it is so beautiful to drive at this hour and watch the smog still at the tip of the pine trees as if the veil is being lifted)

Chotu:What is that sound?

Mom: It is the blinker kanna, we need to go left to your school.

Chotu: Oh! What happenes if we go right?

Mom: Nothing, we will miss your school.

Chotu:Oh! Can we do that? Mom plsss

Mom:I will get late to work kanna, some other day ok?

Chotu: No Mom lets go today, it is ok to miss school.

Mom: I promise I will take you that way some other day.

Chotu: huh! Okkkk.

He love the goats in his school and his class work alot. His school is at the foot hill in a valley. The class rooms are small hut shaped buildings that gives you a feeling of you are nothing in this huge lanscape. The first day I saw his school, I thought this is perfect for him. His friends now are Keshav, Neel, etc.

Vin is not yet familiar with these names and was surprised and asked him "are you sure those are real names"? Yessss! Those are my friends names.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Virgos

Happy Birthday!

Don't call me names now. I happen to know of so many birthdays this month (this sun sign), worth a post by itself. More than 50% of my readers and my friends happen to be Virgos. You will see. Whats so special about them? I am one of them:) Here is the list:

Vin, Bhavani, Bhavani Atta, Chitru and her hubby, Swathy, Kiran, Buchi mavayya, Uma S, SKU, M, Sunil, Sivani, Vivek and many more (including myself). Please let me know if I forgot to add your name in the list.

Wondering, which sign, rest of the 50% comprise? Mostly Sagittarians, Leo, Aquarius and the list goes... Virgos do flock together.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Face the music

Finally I set the date to take kids for Music lessons. We have a wonderful music teacher who teaches keyboard along with Hindi and Marati songs. She lives in the same building as we do (how cool is that?) for those of you who chauffeur your kids around will know about it.

First Day:

Vin: It is awesome we are here:) (with his big eyes and ears smiling away)

Me: (Finally I am able to do this)

Chotu: I am hungry, will she have anything to eat (He just finished his dinner)

Me: No Chotu! We will not eat anything here, we are just here for music lessons.

Door bell rings! Greetings, Introductions etc.,

Chotu: ummm something smells what is that smell?

Teacher: Grandma is cooking something. OK Lets begin.

Chotu: Why are they so many buttons on this.

Teacher: I will tell you everything one by one.

Me: Teacher already warned me , that Chotu have to wait until he is five. Me very proudly said, lets give it a try, because he always hums 24X7. Teacher must have seen tons of parents like me, she glady agreed to give it a try.

Me: Decided in the first five minutes, Chotu will not attend any music lessons until he can sit and listen to someone for five minutes.

Ok the lesson continues...

Teacher: Chotu, you are not listening, which hand do you want to use, make up your mind

Chotu: Left, ....umm no no Left.

Vin put up with this for thirty minutes with lot of patience.

Finally Chotu decided, to go home, I jumped out of the sofa, took leave from the teacher and asked Vin to come home after his class.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Social Science

What is this ? I heard this on the TV the other day and was shocked. I am just speechless. Our social system has no experience of two breadwinners, so now they blame it on the career women? "After all, your typical career girl is well-educated, ambitious, informed and engaged" since when this is bad?

"Women's work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men's work hours often have no statistical effect." and the BS goes on and final conclusion is to stay single. Please read for yourself if you don't believe the new meaning of marriage in this piece of junk.

Saturday morning, Chotu snuggles into my bed and asks me a serious question.

Chotu: Mom, Why are grals (girls) brats?

Mom: (sleepy head) With a slight smile, Are they kanna?

Chotu: Yes! Mom. They are very boring of me. (He meant I am bored of them)

Mom: (Chotu is getting enough summer training from Vin)

Mom: I am a gral. Am I a brat too?

Chotu: Nope, but you a mommy.

Mom: (he he he He does not know the truth)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Khabi Alvida Nah Kehna...

Nice to be back after a while. I miss blogging (boring you all). So many things to write, so will just blurt not in any chronological order. So, we are officially in Redmond, WA now. That means, more Indian Restaurants, Desi Movies (my fav) and lots of desis (hate to use this word). It feels like HYD. Last Saturday went to this boring, forever never ending movie. I waited all long (last two months) for this movie for its hot caste and in the intermission, felt like the movie has to run for another 1.5 hours bored me to death. Any ways, if you have not seen it, sorry to spill the beans.

Vin and Chotu are excited about the move and with all the pine trees in Seattle. They think we moved into a Jungle/Forest. It is very green and heavy terrain in few areas contrasting scenery to the Tri-cities flat occasional greenery. Yet to make new friends, for now Ammumma (my mom) is their best friend who takes them to the garage for playing, and plays caroms with them.

We have a Dosa party in our house today evening and a baby shower for my sister this weekend. So, you can see why Moi is very busy. The schools begin on Sept 5th, so (@Kumari) still time for back to school stuff. I am up to date with Zee soaps and whose who on Zee. My semester ends today and hoping not to take classes in the near future.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Short Break

With so much going on in my life, my blog does not get my attention. I have to take a short break from blogging. With the new job, moving, my mom visiting etc., so many verbs in my life at this point. I should be back in September or Late August when things settle. Until then you all take care and have a wonderful summer. A quick quotes from my kids.

Vin: " All along, I have been this, with out knowing the meaning of the word - 'curious'"

Chotu:"Daddy! How come I see everyone except myself?"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last Day

Today is the last day of school for Vin. The three month summer vacation starts from Monday (June 12th). He is very emotional about it and he is almost into tears that he will miss his work, friends and teacher. I thought he took on me, but looks like not in this case. I always waited for summer vacation and did not miss my school much. We went to my moms village and played with all the cousins, swam in the river, scared of the ghost stories etc., I need to work hard in the summer to keep him entertained /occupied /challenged.

Today is my last day too in this job where I served for ~ seven years. I was little emotional too (I guess Virgo's get emotional - Linda Goodmanism). I am also more excited about my new job :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Choice of words

I got a puzzle book for Vin from the $ store. They give you a list of words and filled out crossword puzzle and we need to identify the word from the puzzle.

Vin: Mom, this is too hard for me.
Mom: No, you did not even look at it.

Vin: I love these, but this is volume 10. why didn't you buy me volume one?
Mom:Volume one is for babies, this is for you. (Did not tell him that, I grabbed the first book I saw in a hurry)

Vin: I got one already.
Mom: Yay! Cool.

Vin: Grrr!This is impossible!
Mom: Nothing is impossible (very confident)

Vin: No! Talking to god is impossible.
Mom: No! Sometimes that is possible

Vin: OK! Moving Mount Fuji is not possible.
Mom: :-|

While driving in the car to a friends house:

Vin: Chotu, when you grow up will you marry a girl and move out ? or will you stay with me?
Chotu: Marry a girl.

Vin: What!!
Chotu: Yeah! I'll marry girl.

Vin: I will give you lots of candy.
Chotu: Oh! I'll stay with you.

Vin: That's my brother :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The World is Flat

This has nothing to do with Tom Friedman's book, if still interested go on. My world is starting to get flatter. My dad recently relocated to Kenya for a short assignment and my mom will join him soon. Now we have a place in Africa to visit. How cool is that? After I heard about his acceptance, googled for info about the country and freaked out by its crime rate. I sent an email about my concerns to a friend who is from the same continent but a different country. I did not know whatI was thinking at that time. It is like asking me how is Beijing, if I lived in India. Any ways, my friend was so nice in giving me enough information to keep me calm even though she has never visited the country except for flight transition.

Now that he is there, we will get first hand information to report (just like - our correspondent from Kenya ..). While my brother is concerned more about mosquitoes and malarias, me and Vin are already planning African safaris :) I am dreaming that chotu and vin are playing with the cubs in my mom's backyard. I spoke to my dad yesterday after figuring out how to call him on his cell number that was given to me prefixed by bunch of zeros. Thanks to google for info about calling his cell with out zeros, although I might be shifting my loyalties to MSN from now on that deserves a separate post by itself.

I started this post before the long weekend, and we had our friends Souj and Raja visit us from CA for the long weekend. Guess what they got us? "The world is Flat" :) Maybe I can write about the real book later once I get a chance to read it. It was exciting to talk to them about the future. Raja travels globally on account of his job and is a licensed pilot. After getting a quick cliff's notes on 'how to get a flying license' from him, my next goal in life after my graduation in August is to take flying lessons. Learning to fly is one of my undergrad dreams.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sorry for the long break, appreciate the patience of my regular readers who has peeked in at least once to get the updates - mostly my friends and my extended family get updates about us from my blog (information age).

Busy or I should say pretending to be busy as usual. Spring adds things to your to do lists. Since my last post regarding fuel efficiency ...we started car pooling and squished into one car, leaving the van at home. It is working out great - many advantages and not one disadvantage till now. Save money (first one that attracts many), being a part of fuel efficiency and cleaner environment effort, lots of family time:)

DH and Chotu had their birthdays. Chotu had a blast birthday party at BounceArena. This is the first kids party, where the parents also had fun literally. Even the supervisors were surprised seeing parents jump on the bouncers. Stay tuned for more updates..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shopping for a new car?

This post is in response to Vivek's comment in the below post. I did not know which Hybrid to buy until Vivek questioned (I am in no hurry or NSF). So I googled for "Hybrid Cars and Fuel Efficiency" wallah I found my answers to many questions regarding hybrid cars at this site .

This site is wonderful, if you would give it a second thought about global warning, energy crisis etc., etc., before you purchase your new vehicle.

I compared our current two vehicles and future one that I would buy and the results are here. The first in the row is my future car and the next two are our current means of transportation. Our vehicles use twice as much fuel , for double the amount and emit twice or thrice the amount of greenhouse gas depending on the vehicle.

You do your math now! After the math, we at least for now are planning to leave the van at home and drive in the car, that might cut our house hold fuel consumption to half or less than half.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


We (all four of us) were watching the CNN's Energy crisis show on Earth day. Other than food channel, we do not have much choice to watch TV, with everyone in the room. This energy crisis show got our undivided attention (including Chotu). Cars stalling on highways with no gas, gas price going up to $8 a gallon, energy wars, alternate solutions etc., We as a family took a decision to buy a Hybrid as our next car (when on of our current car dies). The next day Vin wakes up and says he had a dream.

Vin: Mom! I had this dream.
M: What is it kanna?
Vin: I was a teenager and was driving a car and went to the gas station to fill up my car.
Vin: They had a sign board saying "No GAS!" comeback in 24 days.
M: um.
Vin: When I went back on the 24th day they still did not have any GAS.
M: Oh! what did you do?
Vin: I bought a new Hybrid car!
M: Oh :)

(this will be his reality whe he is a teenager)

After little awareness about world energy resources over the weekend we went back to work on Monday in two cars (btw we both work in the same building). We give many reasons for not car pooling (flexible schedules, errands etc.,). Any ways from CNN's show I learned Brazil is almost an energy independent country.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Wine in Old Bottle!

I am on a short trip to Seattle. The flight from Pasco to Seattle as expected is not full. After the routine enthusiastic safety announcements, the air hostess severed beverages. More often, than occasionally, they serve wine on this flight. We have tons of vineries in and around our area. Halfway through the aisle of serving, AH (Air Hostess ) got a call on her line and she spoke for few minutes. I am sure everyone had their own thoughts about this gesture. The usual protocol on this 40 minutes flight is, you board, buckle, safety announcements, beverages, garbage collection and un-buckle. After serving couple of more seats, she announces we have a brithday girl in row #e, please sing a happy birthday song. I am sure the birthday girl was as embarassed as us, as we sang. This is also very usual in such small flights. The more unusual interesting part is yet to come. Finally she comes to my seat:

AH: Would you like something to drink?
Moi: Sure. Some wine please.
AH: (one minute stare and) Can I see your ID?
Moi: Whatt?
AH: I need to see your ID.
Moi: (my internal conversations are more like 'Timon' in Lion King series. Excuse me! She serves it to every bald, fat, old, long necked, gray haired, round bellied species on the flight and now she wants to see my ID. This is not an another 'Random my ### check' is it?)
Moi: Was trying to reach the hand luggage cabin.
AH: Hands me my bag.
Moi: I pull out my driver's license and flash it before her like some official and embarrassingly, "I am too old you know".
AH: That's ok.
Moi: But! you made my day, Thank you with a one mile smile from cheek to cheek.
AH: Laughs!

All yesterday I was on cloud #9 and am slowly descending to reality. But she did slash off 15+ years of me. That felt good, thanks to my kids who keep me on my toes and in shape, thanks to DH (Dear Husband) for his healthy recipes and thanks to my gym. Does this effect have on men? Not the wine effect- the under estimation of age. Or is it just a Women's privilege?

Sunday, April 23, 2006


One of Those Violin Class Trips..

Vin: Are any of your relatives from 'Gang'?
Mom: What?
Vin: You know 'Gang'.
Mom: You mean 'Gang'.
Vin: umhu
Mom: Where did you hear that word?
Vin: From Mrs. T.
Mom: Whats the context?, I mean what sentence did she use?
Vin: She was readin Jackie Robinson's Biography.
Mom: (felt stupid but had to ask) Who is Jackie Robinson?
Vin: Baseball player,...
Mom: Ok what about him and 'Gang'.
Vin: Oh! Mrs T said, being in a 'Gang' makes life pretty bad.
Mom: Oh! there are different meaning of 'Gang' like many things.
Mom: One is a group of people (friends) are called 'Gang' and the other one is the one you mentioned.
Vin: Oh! like many words that have two meaning one bag and good.
Mom: Yeah. To answer your question, NO- no one in my family is part of a 'Gang'.
Vin: Oh. Which kind of people join the 'Gang'?
Mom: Kids who are not good at school and who don't have parents etc.,
Vin: How are they born, if they don't have parents?
Mom: Sometimes, parents leave and also when they don't have money, they might join the bad company.
Vin: Oh.

Mom:(This kid is scaring the shit out of me)

During my spring break , I visited my Uncle in Seattle, who has two grown up boys. He consoled me "it is better to be aware of such things than being ignorant. He will be exposed no matter how hard you try. Just keep the communication open, it will always help".

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Choti Moo Badi Baath

Chotu: (Blowing the birthday horn loud) booooo..
Mom: Chotu , Pls use indoor voice.
Chotu:Sees a glass of water and blows the horn in there making bubbles.
Mom: (The control freak in me) Chotu, pls don't spill water kanna.
Chotu: Keeps blowing bubbles with his horn.
Mom: (gives up, it will take me 5 seconds to clean up the mess)
Chotu: Mom, do you want to try it?
Mom: Without a second thought tries hard into the water and feels good about it.
Chotu: Smiles with a sparkle in his eyes and says "See you spilled the water and made a mess".
Mom: :-|
Mom: Ok guys cleaning time, please get the paper towel and clean it up.
Chotu: Mom, that's your mess pls clean it up.
Mom: :-|

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My World View

Thanks to Vivek for this post. Was running out of ideas and this helped.

You scored as Idealist. Idealism centers around the belief that we are moving towards something greater. An odd mix of evolutionist and spiritualist, you see the divine within ourselves, waiting to emerge over time. Many religious traditions express how the divine spirit lost its identity, thus creating our world of turmoil, but in time it will find itself and all things will again become one.



Cultural Creative














What is Your World View? (updated)
created with

Monday, April 10, 2006


What motivates one?

Vin is motivated and is on the writing spree. He loves to collect bionicles. DH promised him to give him a $1.50 for every good piece of art /literature that he puts it out to spend on new bionicles.

Chotu is not so motivated even after seeing his paintings on the interneth. What drives him is his passion for painting and the quality time he spends with his dad.

Money no longer motivates me to do anything. The challenge in a task motivates me.

Feel free to jot your motivation secrets.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Break

Posting from headquarters Olympia (WA). Taking a semi-vacation at my sissy's place with my two boys. Updated Vin's and Chotu's blogs. Boys are having too much fun with the playstation while the gals (myself and sister) are having ya ya sisterhood time.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Inside Man

After a Mongolian (my fav) lunch, we went to the 'Inside Man' first show on the first day. Felt like those college days, if you know what I mean. We settled down in the last but one row and watched all the previews and sighed to each other, this one is good and this is just a 'nah' nod for the upcoming flicks.

The feature presentation 'Inside Man' started with its production banners and guess what's the background song is ?
Give up?

jinke sar ho ishq ki chhaanv
paanv ke neeche jannat hogi

Was taken back with a pleasant surprise and eager to watch what comes next. Then it all started with 'chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyaan, chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan
chhaiyaan chhaiyaan' the titles started rolling 'Denzel Washington', 'Jodie Foster' , 'Clive Owen' etc.,

While I was enjoying the beat and watching the titles, DH got restless, he leaned over and whispered, "Are you sure we are in the right movie?" I nodded with a big smile from one ear to the other and said, "Relax, it is just the title song". I can still see the doubtful look on DH's face, because the lyrics continued even after the titles stopped. DH is not much of hero, heroin running around bushes singing songs type. While 'sar ishq ki chhaanv chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan' was going, DH must be thinking/ expecting Denzel coming out from a bush in his red suit and dancing with Jodie. That will be one Hollywood comedy hit, if it came into reality.

As far as the movie goes, it was Ok, lil slow and not much action role to Denzel. Jodie was cute, and not much romance added to the theme. If you are looking for adult language, you get tons of it.

Friday, March 24, 2006


When I have no deadlines, submissions, parties to cook for, timely Motrin doses to give, I occasionally read my future hoping to see something in there to look forward too.

Astro this Week:

The emphasis moves from partnerships to deeper matters of soul and soul-mate relationships. Joint financial affairs may also be on your agenda of issues to discuss or reflect upon.

(eyes rolling, I am thinking what does the first sentence mean to me, cause I do understand the second statement, this is the Tax month and we still need to file)

The Sun moves into Aries on Monday, and this is going to give you a chance to make a fresh start, and to birth new ideas that have been in your thoughts. However, if you are going to sign new contracts that could be worth a lot of money, it may best to wait until Mercury turns direct - wait until Sunday. This is going to mean that delays will be removed and you will find that progress is swift and smooth.

(New start! Darn! I thought I will start my new exercise schedule. Well I think I will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully from then on it will be swift like the astrologer said.)

Jupiter is currently retrograde in your communication zone, so don't worry if advertising campaigns or mailings seem to be slow in bringing results. The seeds have been planted, even if you get the results some months down the line.

(Of course I have been asking DH to file taxes from last month, maybe he will make a mistake during the 11th hour and we will get our letter from the IRS in few months)

Saturday brings a need to be both practical and something of a visionary. Perhaps you would do well to take your intuition seriously and listen to those gut feelings. But be prepared to take a look at some far-out ideas that could make waves. Gather opinions from other sources as well.

(Kids are home, so have to be practical. Of course I have to listen to their guts too. Sunday I will write it in my blog and get opinions about how smart I dealt with Vin and his questions on one of those Violin class trips)

Damn! How do the Astrologers know about me so much?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Morning America

Vin and Chotu are busy watching Clifford. DH is busy in the kitchen. Mommy is feeding Chotu, eggy without yolk.

Vin: Daad Wherz my chocolate milk?
DH: I thought no chocolate milk for you today.
Vin: Huh! Dad, givve me my chocolate milk.
DH: Didn't mommy says no milk today? (DH loves kids tantrums in the morning)
Vin: Dad! we should send you somewhere else..
Chotu: Yahu...
Mom: Send him where ? Like Madagascar?
Vin: Yeah!
Chotu: (Jumping) Yay!
Mom: (Relieved ;)

We recently saw that movie and can't wait to ship off Daddy :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why do my cheese keep moving?

This is a spoof to "Who moved my cheese?" or just a frustrated Friday evening experience.

Our cheese keeps moving, everyday, every month, every year. We want a better smelling, color, quality cheese and keeps pushing ourselves in pursuit of it. We are not content, maybe we are designed not to be content with what we have. Someone superior is watching this whole rat race from up above and gets a kick out of moving all our cheese one inch a day.

We are at a age where the M mouse and the D mouse are always in a hunt for "the cheese", no matter how much cheese is in store, we are always running after it. I hope somebody, some day writes a book about, 'stop running for cheese' and it is O. K. to run out of cheese.

What could be worse than, the D mouse is afraid of the situation where he cannot go on a hunt for the cheese, because of a family situation? The D mouse expects the M mouse to have all the answers and solutions. Wow! that must be one super mouse he got there.

The M mouse is ambitious and at the same time responsible and is expected to tackle the situations giving the D mouse his space for the ultimate cheese hunt. I despise the cheese hunt quality in M and wish can stop it, in spite of writing it in a blog.

The cute lil baby mice coughing their guts out with their lil elbows covering the mouth, so that the hunter mice doesn't get sick. The baby mice not exposed to the cheese hunt scenario would just want to cuddle up with the warm M and D mice forever. Thank god to the authors who have not yet written about- 'Success cheese hunt for six'.

What a cheesy experience that would be! Let get more cheese :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You would know..

answers to many of these questions, if you are a second grader

Q: How would you make a witch scratchy?
A: By taking away the 'w'

Q: What did the boy Octopus ask the girl Octopus?
A: Can I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand.

Q: Why did the boy take a ruler along to the bed?
A: To see how long he slept.

Q: What do you call a snail on a boat?
A: A Snailor. Get it!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get some eggsersize.

and many more of course.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

While you were busy...

As my quarter ends, I needed to wrap up some data analysis and write up some reports. Like you care. Yah, everything is warming up on this side of pacific. Vin has more questions than ever, I don't know what he asks in the school, he got a "continuously curious orca" award twice. Last week, when we were working on his science fair project:

vin: Mom! what is gay?
Mom: **I wish I did not know, but looked straight into his eyes and said**- 'HAPPY'
vin: **With an unsatisfying look**- Is there another meaning to it?
mom: Like...?
vin: the teenage gay..
mom: I am not sure about it..

I should get a most "shocking questions listener award" grrr.

On the lighter side..when putting chotu in bed

chotu: momy, can you thell me a dragon bosther story?
mom: **happy he is not asking about Ramayana anymore** Yeah, once there was a big red dragon booster..
chotu: why is it red? and why is it not blue?
mom: Because he ate lot of apples.
chotu: oh!
mom: he was walking in the jungle and ..
chotu: was it dark?
mom: yea...h and there was nobody **whispering**
chotu: say it loudly momy **angry**
mom: Ok, and he was looking for food.
chotu: whath does he eath?
mom: apples, broccoli, beans, chicken , these are all good for health
chotu: oh! if I eath those will I be like Bheema?
mom: **oh man!**. Yeah, ok listen the dragon goes home and gets into his bed and sleeps.
chotu: Oh! goodnite momy, I love you.
mom: I love you kanna, sleep tight.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time Slice

At the breakfast table

Vin:Do you want to get married?
Chotu: No.
Vin:No, I meant when you grow up.
Chotu: I am not growing up Vin!

After a fight

Vin:I hate him, I am never talking to him.
Chotu:Same here, I don't care about you too.
Vin:Why does everybody choose him over me?
Chotu: I am nottt playing with you anymore.

Late Evening

Chotu:Can Vin sleep in my room plsss?
Vin:Mom! Can I sleep in his room?
Chotu: plsss, plsss..
Vin: I love him so much.
Vin: As a matter of fact, I hate him some times, but I love him.
Chotu: Ya! me too.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Remember the ban on Ramayana for Chotu. Ramayana is substituted by painting lessons from DH. First Chotu wanted to paint only Thataki and Soorpanaka. Eventually this blog is turning out to be a family blog of painters. Chotu has his own blog now called Chotus Canvas. As opposed to Vin's paintings, Chotus work will be more guided by DH(because he still listens unlike his bro). And yes, I did change the look-n-feel of my blog like everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dream Busters

Who else?
Vin and Chotu jumping on my bed playing power rangers..
Dishoom dishoom Power ranger SPD dyano thunder..
I gott the bad guys..yahh..

Is going on in the back ground while I was in the middle of a suspense thriller dream today morning. I was late for an International flight and am driving a lorry through buildings etc., and there comes my dream buster.

chotu: Mom! wake up it is morning.
Mom: pch! (It is only 9:00AM) ok.

chotu gets under the comforter( blanket) and puts his cold feet and hands on me.

Mom: chotu! please don't put your cold hands on me.
chotu: Ok. (he keeps doing it)

Mom: chotu, I asked you not to keep your cold feet on me.
chotu: But, I am warm.

Mom: No! you are cold.
chotu: I said, I am a "wormm".

Mom: (plans to continue my dream are busted)

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Vin: What is that book? Lemme see
Mom: No! This is my work.

Vin: What is it about?
Mom: This is my Lab note book.

Vin: What do you have in there?
Mom: When I do experiments, I record everything about it.

Vin: It is same as what we do in class. Like our Science Journal.
Mom: Yes.

Vin: Why do you do second grade stuff?
Mom: :-

My Valentine

Friday, February 10, 2006

Papa Talk

Vin: Nanna, what does having a crush means?
Nanna: It is similar to liking someone.

Vin: So I have a crush on Ash.
Nanna: Umm, no you just like her.

Vin:Can I have a crush on guy, if I like him?
Nanna: No.

Vin: (points his index finger and explains to him) There isss a boy marriage.
Nanna: (Hates to agree) Ohh.

Nanna: You are not allowed to have crush at the age of six.
Vin: How old should I be, to have a crush?

Vin: Oh man! I cannot have crush until I am 21...

Side Note:
Turtles Can Fly: Was the movie, I watched yesterday. Awesome! beautifully directed and portrayed. Simply superb, yada yada....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Winds swept low

On this side of the Pacific North West, we have severe winds blowing at this time of the season. Tumble weeds rolling along and the fine dust in your nostrils is a some kind of experience. On NPR (National Public Radio) yesterday, the hostess mentioned , none of us need our hair styled. The wind does its job. The moment I would step out of my car, the well groomed hair ( I would like to think so) would stand up against the gravity. Not that any people notice the so well groomed hair, but it is an uneasy feeling - do not know which part of your bald or grey is showing. Skirts, Hats, and hair do s are bad at this time. Updates on the home front, DH and Chotu are back and showing off their cranky side of the jet lag.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Are we there yet?

What the heck, we will be late for the meeting by only two hours - is the attitude of the people living here. I love it. But, I don't think I can do it. The last ten years of my lifestyle has tuned me to do something always (if possible productive) . It will take me another ten years to un-do it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can we take along?

Mom: Ok, lets go..
Chotu: No!
Vin: She's so cute..
Chotu:Ya, mom can we take her home?
Mom: Ok, common lets go..
Chotu:No! Mom , you go. Bye

Monday, January 23, 2006

One of those violin class trips..

Vin: What is O2?
Me: Oxygen
Vin: What is H2?
Me: Hydrogen.
Vin: We all know H2O, is there O2H2?
Me: Yeah. There is OH too, it is called alcohol.
Vin: Awww. Is this the smoking alcohol?
Me: Yeah, that is the bad Alcohol.
Vin: Do people in India drink alcohol?
Me: Yess.
Vin: Is alcohol bad for body?
Me: Once in a while, after 18, it is not that bad.
Vin: OH! so I will have alcohol after 18 once in 5 Years.
Me: Oh!
Vin: Well my friend "X" drinks wine.
Me: There are some festive occasion in Churches, that sometimes the Father of the church gives wine.
Vin: I am an American, I can go to Church and get some wine.
Me: Yeah, You are an American born to Hindu parents. So you are Hindu.
Vin: I guess, I have to wait until I am 18.
Me: (Oh! my god..)
Vin: I will get married to Ash and then come back to America.
Me: When you grow up and when it is time and when you both like each other , then you can get married.
Vin: I like Ash now.
Me: If you like someone, it doesn't mean you marry them. Any ways long ways to think about it.
Vin: Yeah...
Me: (Thank god it is only 15 minute drive to Violin class, otherwise I would not know how to answer his questions)

Once in India, my mom made "Bobbatlu" (sweet chapatis), Vin loved those.While I was putting him in bed, he asked me:
Vin: Mom! we need to ask ammamma (Grandma) this recipe. I need to learn how to make "bobbatlu and make it for my family.
Vin: You know, once I get married and have kids and all. They are awesome. I need to learn.
Me: Giggles. Ok Kanna. We will ask ammamma tomorrow for the recipe.

It is cute to hear such stories, but it concerns me of his planning. I don't even plan for tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vennetlo Godari Andam.. (The beauty of river Godavari in Moonlight)

The fertile delta between the River Godavari branches is most depicted in Telugu movies as lush green villages. My friend Sai and her husband are from around here. So, we put in a request to Sai and Vissu (Sai's DH) for a short trip. Itwas worth every second spend there. We (we four, my MIL, Sai and Vissu) rented a Qualis (10 seater) one Saturday early morning (3:00AM) and hit the road towards the great konaseema. It is also refereed as East and West Godavari. It was a 8 hour drive with beautiful sceneries. We spoke, ate, sang, stopped for bath room breaks for Vin and Chotu along the way. We finally reached Sai's Uncle's place.
We were received very very cordially, (it is one of the characteristics of konasemma-hospitatliy, is given high importance). We visited Sai's grand fathers house - a small thatched (with coconut leaves) mud house, with a huge backyard (10-15 acres if you must know) of agricultural lands. The old couple manage the whole thing. We got Vissu to climb up a ladder and get us some sweet coconuts and briefly looked at Cabbage, drum sticks and few other vegetable gardens. After the refreshments (fresh coconut water and pulp) we headed to visit the villages along the river banks. We stopped in a village called Kapileswaram where there is a "Veda Patasala" that DH heard about earlier. This school is run by a rich Zamindaar (Land Lord) for girls to learn "Hari Katha". It is a four year degree for students with good music and Abhinay skills after high school. The students reside in the premises and learn music, dance etc., from very famous visiting faculty along with the resident gurus. The girls sang 3 songs for us. It was simply melodious and divine.
We were asked to look at Zamindaar's residence and we had to leave in a hurry because we promised the kids a boat ride on the Godavari and it was getting dark. Finally we managed to reach the "revu" and boarded the boat that is rowed by a single man (our hero). That was a scary moment for a while, we all could not move, because the boat would loose its balance even if we moved slightly. Chotu was getting restless. It almost got dark and we could see the real beauty of river Godavari in the Moon light. It was the most beautiful evening I would never forget.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The best of the two worlds

World A:
You get best filtered coffee.
Dosa/Idli/Upma for breakfast.
Very short days.
People, people, people everywhere.
Honks, dust, smoke, traffic jams.
Colorful outfits, different languages.
Head and feet are always on the ground.
Smiles, tears, pain, spiritual, anger, relations etc.,
Small day-to-day life hurdles.
Diversified economic sections.

World B:
Very quite mornings.
Bagle/10 grain cereal/Protein bar for breakfast.
Long uneventful day.
Hardly see anyone.
Plain ride, foggy mornings, fresh air, and smiley faces.
Optimistic, ambitious, goals oriented.
The same feeling of no feeling everyday.
Not so diversified economic sections.
Dreams come true.

I love my worlds.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back to home from home!

Had a wonderful trip! Had tons of fun. I don't know where to begin, so will just write as it comes to my memory (no chronological order). The first thing I did, after I landed (of course after refreshing) in India, I surprised my friend (Sai) by going straight to her work. It took her one day to recover from it. I spent most of the time on this trip in Interior Designing of a single bed-room apartment. I don't like to call it Interior Decoration for some reason. For most of you who don't know my background, I am an Architect by training and never practiced officially other than few design suggestions to friends and relatives.
We have a single bed-room apartment close to my MIL's place (Mother-In-Law) that is by all means must have been designed by the contractor himself or a Civil Engineer or by a compromised Architect. The bed room has no ventilation except for a small opening into the shaft. They were cement shelves in each room and the floor was marble got a Wow! effect in the family. The half dying Architect in me shouted aloud, Help Me! (quite dramatic ha). Any ways so walked to Sai's (practicing Architect) office and said and I need some renovation done to my apartment. She was like, "OK - What do you want to do with it". I need to cover those shelves and do something with the bed-room lighting. It took two days for us to meet with their Interior Designer. I told him what I exactly wanted done to the apartment. He didn't expect a very decisive client who is an Architect by training at first, later we understood each other very well. I designed the whole thing, Sai implemented it in Auto-CAD and the ID (Interior Designer) suggested the labor and materials. You need to have lot of patience and money management skills to get work done. You need to be there 24 X 7 while the work is going on, otherwise things turn out to be just the opposite of what you want :) Ma'am this looks great! Moi, No! I want it like this was the quote of the month. Meanwhile DH (Dear Husband) was getting fits with my construction/renovation budget. It looks great already what are you doing to it? Huh! Please wait until it is done- me on the other end, miles away trying to convince him of my Architectural abilities. It is a three-week story, I will post some tidbits later meanwhile enjoy the pictures. At the end the single-bed/single-bath turned out to be a cute double-bed/double-bath apartment. I was happy to have completed it with utmost satisfaction and so was everyone including DH.