Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Face the music

Finally I set the date to take kids for Music lessons. We have a wonderful music teacher who teaches keyboard along with Hindi and Marati songs. She lives in the same building as we do (how cool is that?) for those of you who chauffeur your kids around will know about it.

First Day:

Vin: It is awesome we are here:) (with his big eyes and ears smiling away)

Me: (Finally I am able to do this)

Chotu: I am hungry, will she have anything to eat (He just finished his dinner)

Me: No Chotu! We will not eat anything here, we are just here for music lessons.

Door bell rings! Greetings, Introductions etc.,

Chotu: ummm something smells what is that smell?

Teacher: Grandma is cooking something. OK Lets begin.

Chotu: Why are they so many buttons on this.

Teacher: I will tell you everything one by one.

Me: Teacher already warned me , that Chotu have to wait until he is five. Me very proudly said, lets give it a try, because he always hums 24X7. Teacher must have seen tons of parents like me, she glady agreed to give it a try.

Me: Decided in the first five minutes, Chotu will not attend any music lessons until he can sit and listen to someone for five minutes.

Ok the lesson continues...

Teacher: Chotu, you are not listening, which hand do you want to use, make up your mind

Chotu: Left, ....umm no no Right....um Left.

Vin put up with this for thirty minutes with lot of patience.

Finally Chotu decided, to go home, I jumped out of the sofa, took leave from the teacher and asked Vin to come home after his class.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Social Science

What is this ? I heard this on the TV the other day and was shocked. I am just speechless. Our social system has no experience of two breadwinners, so now they blame it on the career women? "After all, your typical career girl is well-educated, ambitious, informed and engaged" since when this is bad?

"Women's work hours consistently increase divorce, whereas increases in men's work hours often have no statistical effect." and the BS goes on and final conclusion is to stay single. Please read for yourself if you don't believe the new meaning of marriage in this piece of junk.

Saturday morning, Chotu snuggles into my bed and asks me a serious question.

Chotu: Mom, Why are grals (girls) brats?

Mom: (sleepy head) With a slight smile, Are they kanna?

Chotu: Yes! Mom. They are very boring of me. (He meant I am bored of them)

Mom: (Chotu is getting enough summer training from Vin)

Mom: I am a gral. Am I a brat too?

Chotu: Nope, but you a mommy.

Mom: (he he he He does not know the truth)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Khabi Alvida Nah Kehna...

Nice to be back after a while. I miss blogging (boring you all). So many things to write, so will just blurt not in any chronological order. So, we are officially in Redmond, WA now. That means, more Indian Restaurants, Desi Movies (my fav) and lots of desis (hate to use this word). It feels like HYD. Last Saturday went to this boring, forever never ending movie. I waited all long (last two months) for this movie for its hot caste and in the intermission, felt like the movie has to run for another 1.5 hours bored me to death. Any ways, if you have not seen it, sorry to spill the beans.

Vin and Chotu are excited about the move and with all the pine trees in Seattle. They think we moved into a Jungle/Forest. It is very green and heavy terrain in few areas contrasting scenery to the Tri-cities flat occasional greenery. Yet to make new friends, for now Ammumma (my mom) is their best friend who takes them to the garage for playing, and plays caroms with them.

We have a Dosa party in our house today evening and a baby shower for my sister this weekend. So, you can see why Moi is very busy. The schools begin on Sept 5th, so (@Kumari) still time for back to school stuff. I am up to date with Zee soaps and whose who on Zee. My semester ends today and hoping not to take classes in the near future.