Friday, November 30, 2007

HP Trip – Day 5

We reached Delhi early morning and took an Auto to NJ’s place. It was Sravana Sukravaram, so Sai and NJ did pooja very diligently. I was never into poojas since my child hood, was forced into such rituals by mom and after marriage, DH never encouraged/discouraged such things so lost touch with rituals. Felt very good to see someone believe in them sincerely. We had nice homemade cooked lunch and went on a Lajpath Nagar shopping spree. There is a small bangle shop about 10X12 sqft store called JhunJhunwala chudiya or something similar that carried awesome bangles. We hysterically bought stuff that we had to borrow bags from NJ and stuff it in. My OCD kicked in when we were stuck in Delhi Friday evening traffic and we have an hour to reach airport on time. Finally we reached airport on time (lil earlier than needed) and reached Hyderabad and home around midnight. Thanks to Vissu who gave us ride. We showed off our videos and pictures to everyone (whoever asked and the ones who never bothered to ask).

HP Trip – Day 4

Kalatop and Kajjar wildlife sanctuary was our main foucs for the day. As I have signs of OCD, I was nervous that our car might breakdown somewhere in the jungle and we will not be able to catch our train back to Delhi. That did not happen but Sai and Kemo were rehearsing that in the midst jungle some bad boys will come and hijack me and how the journalists will interview Kemo and Sai. They had a big kick out of the day dream story and all this conversation was in Hindi. The driver was listening to this entire story and at the end of their imagination, I said in Telugu “if the driver is already on that mission what would you guys really do?” K was so worried, his face went pale and I couldn’t stop laughing. Back to the Kalatop – it was a scenic route and only one vehicle can travel at a time in that path. I was totally lost in transition. We have seen pahadi ladkis (excuse my hinglish) who are so beautiful just as shown in Shammi Kapoor’s filmis. These girls are in the middle of nowhere in the hills cutting grass for their goats and herding cows- such a simple yet complex life. After the sightseeing we headed back to Chakkibank to catch our train back to Rajdhani. We are three hours early than the scheduled time credit goes to my OCD. We had to go and talk to the station master to get the waiting room unlocked and started our rummy game. We had dinner that we got to-go from the famous “Sharma Dhaba” in Dalhousie after boarding the train. We are ready to go home after a fun exhausting four day trip.