Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Haunting Flavors

Talking Rain

Bigelow Green Tea

Zone Perfect Protein Bar

Victor Cafe's Panini Sandwich

Starbukc's Carmel Machiato

Vanilla Ice cream with freshly cut strawberry pieces

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chotu’s 2 Cents

DH usual routine on the computer browsing local news papers of desh .

Chotu: Dad why are they colors everywhere?
Dad: In India there is a festival where everyone plays with colors…
They have lots fun, you can paint each other faces…
……..goes on explaining without giving a chance to chotu to respond.

Chotu: After patiently listening to his eloquent dad said “ Oh! You mean Holi”?
Dad: With a smile on his face appreciating his knowledge and embarrassed for underestimating.

At the lunch table:

Chotu: Oh! Fish sticks! I can’t eat fish, because we need to kill fish to make fish sticks.
Dad: Please eat this time; you don’t have to eat next time.
Chotu: Why can’t we eat meat balls? No fish anymore, so we don’t have to kill fish.
Mom: Where do meat balls come from?
Chotu: You know! From animals or somethin.