Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Growing Pains - Vin's short writing - unedited

Dear everyone I know that you like to run away from other kids when you are scared. But let me tell you how to use your brain in the olden days. then we will learn how to use the part of the brain in these days. Ok is that ok with you? good beacuse we have a lot work to do. the organ inside your head controls your body and allows you to think and have feelings, just if i could play a trumpet, and a tuba and a french horn and a trombone and a cornet, even toching a flower that would be great, even toching a chinese dragon bowl would be great to . your brain makes you do stuf like actifities and lots of other stuff, like playing baseball, soccer, basketball, te-ball and that's how you use your brain in these day's actually I forgot to do how they use your brain in the olden days, but it's ok ok. now lets review what happens here in our days.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Less Intelli-Gent

In one of the festive gathering recently, one of my good friend out of the bloom said "I am glad this is all ladies get together, we don't have to speak intelligently". I was taken back for a moment and thought of contradicting her, but smiled it away. What's this notion about when men get together - they converse intelligently. This is not the first time I am hearing this, I have heard flavors of it from a range of age groups.

Are stock market, work politics, football, political opinions signs of intelligence? as opposed to kids school issues, in-law troubles, low carb high protein recipes. My grand mother knows all this intelligent shi*, because she reads the news paper from top left hand corner of the first page to the right hand bottom corner of the last page. I think all this hype is trained into your blood/genes from generations - if you are guy you cannot talk or think about family issues, recipes, kids hws, shopping list etc.,

I bet y'all can tell I am in a feministic mood today :))

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Roop.. Pratiroop..

Caller1: Hello Mrs Saripalli
Moi: Can I take a message?
C1: No Thank you. Will call later.

C2: Hi Ritna
Moi: No, she is not home, can I take a message?
C2: Are you allowed to take household decisions?
Moi: No. I am the baby sitter (wat, I am baby feader, cleaner, everything)
C2: Ok, Thank you

C3:Hello Mrs S.. We are from .... and We are doing so.... this is a survey...
Moi: Sorry, no englisss
C3: Oh thank you

C4: Hi Ratka
Moi: Sorry, she is not home can I take...
C4: Hangs up on me

C5: Hi Ratna (If some one pronounce correctly)
Moi: Yes, this is she.
C5: This is a survey etc....blah....
Moi: (shoot, it is a telemarketer, huh why did I say yes, this is me) How long will this take?
C5: 10 minutes
Moi: Sorry, this is a very bad time.
C5: Hangs up cussing probably.

C6: Mrs Saripalli
Moi: Can I take a message?
C6: Yes. This is Mrs. T , Vin's teacher......
Moi: Oh, Mrs T. Sorry, I thought it was a telemarketing call.
C6: Oh is it you?.....

I worked for about a week in a friends telemarketing firm in Austin while searching for a real job. I could not take it very long. People hanging up on my face or verbally abusive tone of voices etc. It was a very depressing job. From then on I never hang up on telemarketers or be rude to them- Just politely avoid the call. Sometimes it is very inconvenient to take such calls during weekends while we are busy with kids.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gandhi At Gandhi Jayanti

We had a pleasure of hearing American Gandhi last weekend at Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. Mr Meyer dressed up like Gandhi came down to Tri-cites for this ocassion. He was the show stealer of the evening. He started of his interactive speech with quite a response from the audience (all the kids from the front row).

Gandhi (Mr Meyer): When I was your age .....

Kid A: I am four years old now, and this is my friend he is four too..

Gandhi: Oh I see, yeah I was about your age..My mom took a vow not to eat until she saw the sunrise ...Cont..

Gandhi: I made vows not to drink alcohol ..(interrupted by a kid)

Kid B: what is Alcohol?

Gandhi: It is like beer..You should talk to your parents after you go home..(gigles) (Continuing) ... I made a vow to be faithful to my wife and also to be a vegetarian

Aish (Vin's friend): Were you faithful to your wife? (is the question misunderstood by the audience and Gandhi)

Gandhi: Yes. I was faithful to my wife and continued...

Later when he said, today is my birthday, kids spontaneously sang Happy Birthday to you....

Aish's mom clarified later in the evening at Round table Pizza, she asked were you faithful in not eating meat? But audience (the whole crowd enjoyed the misread lines) misinterpreted.

The joke of the evening was, one person (non-Indian) thought Mr. Gandhi came from India for celebrations.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mental Protein

An unknown anxious uneasy feeling has been haunting me since weeks. The more ambitious one becomes, the queasy feeling proportionately increases. Does anyone know how to put an end to wanting more? It is not like I am forced to do many things, on the contrary I enjoy doing more things. It is like the cascade effect of Glucose production in your body, the more carbs you eat the more you want to eat. So you eat protein to prolong your eating frequency. Is there any mental protein, that is available to stop your ambitious hunger? Must be time for caffeine, just blabbing away nonsense or the "FlightPlan" seen in the evening.