Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time Slice

At the breakfast table

Vin:Do you want to get married?
Chotu: No.
Vin:No, I meant when you grow up.
Chotu: I am not growing up Vin!

After a fight

Vin:I hate him, I am never talking to him.
Chotu:Same here, I don't care about you too.
Vin:Why does everybody choose him over me?
Chotu: I am nottt playing with you anymore.

Late Evening

Chotu:Can Vin sleep in my room plsss?
Vin:Mom! Can I sleep in his room?
Chotu: plsss, plsss..
Vin: I love him so much.
Vin: As a matter of fact, I hate him some times, but I love him.
Chotu: Ya! me too.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Remember the ban on Ramayana for Chotu. Ramayana is substituted by painting lessons from DH. First Chotu wanted to paint only Thataki and Soorpanaka. Eventually this blog is turning out to be a family blog of painters. Chotu has his own blog now called Chotus Canvas. As opposed to Vin's paintings, Chotus work will be more guided by DH(because he still listens unlike his bro). And yes, I did change the look-n-feel of my blog like everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dream Busters

Who else?
Vin and Chotu jumping on my bed playing power rangers..
Dishoom dishoom Power ranger SPD dyano thunder..
I gott the bad guys..yahh..

Is going on in the back ground while I was in the middle of a suspense thriller dream today morning. I was late for an International flight and am driving a lorry through buildings etc., and there comes my dream buster.

chotu: Mom! wake up it is morning.
Mom: pch! (It is only 9:00AM) ok.

chotu gets under the comforter( blanket) and puts his cold feet and hands on me.

Mom: chotu! please don't put your cold hands on me.
chotu: Ok. (he keeps doing it)

Mom: chotu, I asked you not to keep your cold feet on me.
chotu: But, I am warm.

Mom: No! you are cold.
chotu: I said, I am a "wormm".

Mom: (plans to continue my dream are busted)

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Vin: What is that book? Lemme see
Mom: No! This is my work.

Vin: What is it about?
Mom: This is my Lab note book.

Vin: What do you have in there?
Mom: When I do experiments, I record everything about it.

Vin: It is same as what we do in class. Like our Science Journal.
Mom: Yes.

Vin: Why do you do second grade stuff?
Mom: :-

My Valentine

Friday, February 10, 2006

Papa Talk

Vin: Nanna, what does having a crush means?
Nanna: It is similar to liking someone.

Vin: So I have a crush on Ash.
Nanna: Umm, no you just like her.

Vin:Can I have a crush on guy, if I like him?
Nanna: No.

Vin: (points his index finger and explains to him) There isss a boy marriage.
Nanna: (Hates to agree) Ohh.

Nanna: You are not allowed to have crush at the age of six.
Vin: How old should I be, to have a crush?

Vin: Oh man! I cannot have crush until I am 21...

Side Note:
Turtles Can Fly: Was the movie, I watched yesterday. Awesome! beautifully directed and portrayed. Simply superb, yada yada....

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Winds swept low

On this side of the Pacific North West, we have severe winds blowing at this time of the season. Tumble weeds rolling along and the fine dust in your nostrils is a some kind of experience. On NPR (National Public Radio) yesterday, the hostess mentioned , none of us need our hair styled. The wind does its job. The moment I would step out of my car, the well groomed hair ( I would like to think so) would stand up against the gravity. Not that any people notice the so well groomed hair, but it is an uneasy feeling - do not know which part of your bald or grey is showing. Skirts, Hats, and hair do s are bad at this time. Updates on the home front, DH and Chotu are back and showing off their cranky side of the jet lag.