Monday, July 07, 2008

Chotus 6th Bday - McDonalds, City Center HYD

The Boss of the house

“I am the boss of the house and I have my wife’s permission to say so..” was the slogan in our house at Two Town Police station for long which my Grandfather never appreciated. He did not get the joke.

Recently while trying to convince Prasu to get a dog home Chotu gets into an argument with his dad..

Chotu: Nanna, can we get a dog?

Nanna: No Kanna I am allergic to dogs..

Chotu: Nanna! You are not the boss of the house you know.

Nanna: How do you know?

Chotu: because you did not win the ring contest.

Nanna: Which ring contest?

Chotu: You know the one in your marriage..

Nanna: Marriage…

Chotu: Yeah! Mommy won the ring contest twice so she gets to be the boss…

Nanna: < has no clue .. where this is coming from>

One day while watching a Telugu movie saw this ring contest in a wedding setting (where they throw a ring in a pot and let the bride & groom find it) and kids asked what are they doing? I did not feel like explaining how these small games are part of the Hindu weddings to get the bride & groom get to know each other and get intimate who were strangers a day before marriage. So, I explained they throw the ring into the pot three times and whoever wins will be the boss of the house.

Chotu: Mom, who won in your contest?

Mom!: Ofcourse! Me kanna I won two times .

This happened two months ago and Chotu mixed these two things and questioned Nanna of getting a dog home.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Holi


...not in Hyderabad, just on my canvas.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One among ?.....

When I see Americans, my face lights up in a smile and they pass by without noticing. Being so long in a foreign land unknowingly you grow into the culture. I am used to the greats and smiles in the hallways, walkways, malls, restaurants etc., I miss that culture here. Unconsciously, when I see Americans at work, strangely I feel like I am one among them. I only realize when they just pass by and not even notice me, because I am one among here. I am slowly realizing I look Indian and feel more like American inside. Probably it will take time to settle down the mixed feelings.