Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last Day

Today is the last day of school for Vin. The three month summer vacation starts from Monday (June 12th). He is very emotional about it and he is almost into tears that he will miss his work, friends and teacher. I thought he took on me, but looks like not in this case. I always waited for summer vacation and did not miss my school much. We went to my moms village and played with all the cousins, swam in the river, scared of the ghost stories etc., I need to work hard in the summer to keep him entertained /occupied /challenged.

Today is my last day too in this job where I served for ~ seven years. I was little emotional too (I guess Virgo's get emotional - Linda Goodmanism). I am also more excited about my new job :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Choice of words

I got a puzzle book for Vin from the $ store. They give you a list of words and filled out crossword puzzle and we need to identify the word from the puzzle.

Vin: Mom, this is too hard for me.
Mom: No, you did not even look at it.

Vin: I love these, but this is volume 10. why didn't you buy me volume one?
Mom:Volume one is for babies, this is for you. (Did not tell him that, I grabbed the first book I saw in a hurry)

Vin: I got one already.
Mom: Yay! Cool.

Vin: Grrr!This is impossible!
Mom: Nothing is impossible (very confident)

Vin: No! Talking to god is impossible.
Mom: No! Sometimes that is possible

Vin: OK! Moving Mount Fuji is not possible.
Mom: :-|

While driving in the car to a friends house:

Vin: Chotu, when you grow up will you marry a girl and move out ? or will you stay with me?
Chotu: Marry a girl.

Vin: What!!
Chotu: Yeah! I'll marry girl.

Vin: I will give you lots of candy.
Chotu: Oh! I'll stay with you.

Vin: That's my brother :)