Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to School

It is a pleasure to drive Vin and Chotu to school and listen to them talk about things.

Chotu seldom speaks, he is usually lost in his thoughts. In spite of my enquiries he would look out the window into his own world. Sometimes it is my luck.
On one of those lucky days while I was driving to his school last week through a very hilly area covered with pine trees. We could hardly see the sunlight.

Chotu: Mom, drive carefully, you missed the speed limint.

Mom: Yeah kanna I will. (Wow, it is so beautiful to drive at this hour and watch the smog still at the tip of the pine trees as if the veil is being lifted)

Chotu:What is that sound?

Mom: It is the blinker kanna, we need to go left to your school.

Chotu: Oh! What happenes if we go right?

Mom: Nothing, we will miss your school.

Chotu:Oh! Can we do that? Mom plsss

Mom:I will get late to work kanna, some other day ok?

Chotu: No Mom lets go today, it is ok to miss school.

Mom: I promise I will take you that way some other day.

Chotu: huh! Okkkk.

He love the goats in his school and his class work alot. His school is at the foot hill in a valley. The class rooms are small hut shaped buildings that gives you a feeling of you are nothing in this huge lanscape. The first day I saw his school, I thought this is perfect for him. His friends now are Keshav, Neel, etc.

Vin is not yet familiar with these names and was surprised and asked him "are you sure those are real names"? Yessss! Those are my friends names.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Virgos

Happy Birthday!

Don't call me names now. I happen to know of so many birthdays this month (this sun sign), worth a post by itself. More than 50% of my readers and my friends happen to be Virgos. You will see. Whats so special about them? I am one of them:) Here is the list:

Vin, Bhavani, Bhavani Atta, Chitru and her hubby, Swathy, Kiran, Buchi mavayya, Uma S, SKU, M, Sunil, Sivani, Vivek and many more (including myself). Please let me know if I forgot to add your name in the list.

Wondering, which sign, rest of the 50% comprise? Mostly Sagittarians, Leo, Aquarius and the list goes... Virgos do flock together.