Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ban on the Ramayana

Yes, we banned Ramayana in our house after we received a concern from Chotu's school.
The concern was, he is not concentrating on the work and is always lost in his own world. While I am discussing this issue with Chotu's teacher, Chotu runs to me and asks:

chotu: Mom! Can I fly like Hanuman?

*Tada* it struck me now, why he cannot think anything else other than Ramayana characters.
He has taken it too seriously, and trying to relive it everyday. We thought it was cute to hear him say Sanskrit slokas and few telugu words in his sweet accent. Now it bothers me. I need to erase/dilute his Ramayana episodes from his neurons. His teacher said, "3 year old's brain is like a sponge it will take whatever you pour into it". I need to squeeze out Ramayana and pour some real life / practical stuff into it. I wish there was one straight manual to raise kids.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is Christmas Really here?

The snow is here, school delays are here, Christmas lights in the yards are out with deer, elves, Santa and many more figurines. The City hall parking lot trees are lit, shops are filled with Christmas decorations and seasonal gift items in colors, salvation army bells are here. Starbucks Christmas special (mint coffee ) is here, snow balls fights at the school bus stop are here. Kids Christmas projects are home, bright red Poinsettias are here. Candy canes are here, trinkets in different forms and shapes are here. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Blog writing must be a phase to me or just don't have enough to write or just don't have time to write.
Vin is busy catching up with his older class mates mostly on the terminology. Yes, "S" words are included. Parenting is the toughest job.
Chotu is growing to be boundaries less, fear less and mostly being a brat of the house. DH complains that Chotu's only qualification is "he is just cute" and chotu is taking advantage of that.
Vin and I are taking a long vacation trip to India starting next week( how wonderful is that?). Chotu and DH will join us in few weeks. I need to slog like a slave before I get my freedom to fly :).