Thursday, September 22, 2005

Naive naivety

While driving to gym..

Vin:Mom can you tell about naive? We talked about it today at school.

Vin: What does naive mean?

Mom: ummm some one who is just learning things and don't know about many things..

Vin: uhh oh.

Mom: After we go home we can check the meaning in the dictionary.

Vin: We all are naive.

Mom: I used to be naive but not any more.

Vin: Do you know how god makes kids?

Mom: yeah ( with confidence)

Vin: Do you know how sun was formed?

Mom: ummm ya.. (not that confident look any more)

Vin: aha see, you don't know some things

Mom: True- I don't know many things yet, but I know many things now than before.

Vin: We all are naive mom.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Short Story Tag

Tagged by M for a short story under 55 words:

While watching the rain drops slide down the green grass, a cute kitten under the lilacs got my attention. Prasu is immersed in his book. Prasu..Prasu ..Um..come look at the cute Pch! dragged him to the window, to our dismay, the kitten disappeared with the rain.

I am tagging:
Vivek, Rahul, Ideasmith, Soujanaya and Sarath

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sivani beats me ;)

Look at her map boohuhu..

Thanks to this

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bad data day

After scripting /scribbling in perl finally slept at 5:00 AM. Woke up with Chotu's :
Power rangers SPD dyno-thunder bishoom bishoom - a thud on my head at 8:30AM. Chootuuu, mommy is sleeping, pls don't disturb - psh pshhh my laser is making you awake mommy.Huh- I can't beat it, not because I don't have power ranger suit or the laser, but he will not give up until I wake up. Chotu, what did you have for your breakfast - - dooosaaa. DH (Nanna) already fed the boys and himself. Sunday, my turn to cook, yeah weird to many folks, we have cooking turns in our house like in graduate school days. Finished up with some work while kids are immersed in 'sponge bob sq pants. Now and then Chotu comes to me and says 'Helo Patrick' and I give a blank look. Chotu says "say Helo Sponge Bob". We (Chotu) have out grown, Barney, bob the builder, toy story and now into "Sponge bob..." I can't stand him (the sq pants). DH invited Ash - Vin's friend over for a play date. Three of them started playing in the yard and I sneaked into my closet with a pillow and got an hours worth of uninterrupted nap. Hour is a lot for those of you who gets more than six hours - you are lucky. Finally Chotu found me, that is his hide out and revealed it to the gang and I had to join the party.

Friday, September 16, 2005

2nd grade Name Math

This was Vin's home work (mostly I worked) for Wednesday. Alphabets are assigned 1-26 numbers beginning with A and ending with Z for e.g., A= 1, B = 2 ......Z = 26. Now add your name with these numbers assigned to your name. Phew piece of cake ey! Ok, how long does it take you to figure out a name with exact 75 ? If interested post a name that adds up to 75 and also post how long it took you. I will post my answer and time later :)

No cheating : no using software, calculators or PDA's or any other gadgets.. just a pencil and a paper and a clock .

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Walk in the Clouds

Errr! Actually drive through the clouds through Mt Ranier was our last weekend's adventure. We planned for camping at Little Naches River with Vin's friend's family. We ended up going there early expecting them to be there. They did not show up. There is no sign of life within 5 miles radius, so decided to go to Tacoma (basically chickened out) via scenic route. It was amazing drive.

Monday, September 12, 2005

President's Call

My friend Krishna Mohan called from India today morning. After my call ended:
Vin: Mom! Did the President of India call you?
Moi: My eye brows raised and asked - Noooo Why?
Vin: I thought you said Mohan, so I thought Mr. Manmohan Singh called you.
Moi: (Can't stop ROFLing , but thought What would I talk to him, if he really called)
This reminds me of a similar incident with my DH (Dear Husband) in his college days.
He visited his friends house once (who happens to be of African American Origin). When the friend introduced her Grandfather. My DH said, you look like Mr. Martin Luther King. The witty Grandfather, took the compliment and said, thank you and you look like Mr. Gandi (Gandhi).

Friday, September 09, 2005

5 Minute Bedtime Ramayana

Chotu is watching Barney and refuses to go to bed.

Mom: Let me tell you about Viswamitra
Chotu: (Is on his feet) OK..

Mom: One day Viswamitra was doing a fire pooja in the jungle..
Chotu: um.
Mom: What is fire pooja called?
C: Yagnam
M: Good, then some monsters came and started bothering him..
C: um.. Who is it momy?
M: Maaricha and Subahu
C: and Tataki
M: Yaaaaa and then he went to Ayodhya
C: oh!
M: Who is the king of Ayodhya? (It needs to be interactive .. you know)
C: umm ... Dusharada!
M: Yeah! (With a lot of surprise) How did you know (and a lil encouragement)
C: I remember you dady, mama telling me
M: Ok, how many kids and wives does Dusharada have?
C: 4 and 3
M: What are their names (here's the cutest part- the way he pronounces)
C: Rama, Laksmana, Barrata and Shatunaya
M: Good job, you are awesome did you know that?
C: um. ya
M: Viswamitra asked Dushrada to send Rama to protect him and the pooja
C: um.,
M: Dusharada said, oh.. how can I send my poor babies to the forest?
C: oh.
M: What did Viswamitra say?
C: (anger in the voice) Send Rama right now... Or else
M: Then they go to the jungle and Rama gives time out to Tataki, Maaricha and Subhahu
C: What happened to them?
M: They learned a lesson from Rama
C: Oh!
M: Ok now sleep
C: Nooo Tell me about Soorpanaka
M: Yeah, Rama goes to Mythila and Marries Sita and they go to Jungle (he must be thinking- she is fast forwarding)
C: Lakshamana too
M: ya and then Soorpanaka comes and asks Rama to marry her
C: um.
M: What does he say?
C: Sorry! I cannot marry you.
M: Go ask LakshamanaM: And then Lakshmana says no go away
C: and he cuts her nose off
M: ya.. then she runs home
C: She cries - anna Ravana...
M: Ok now you need to sleep.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bedtime Humor

After putting Chotu (my 3 year old) in bed, just ckecked to see if Vin (my 6 year old) is asleep.

Vin: Mom! is that you? I thought you were a Ghost.
Mom: Yes Kanna, its me, Mommy - worst than a Ghost!
Vin: Heheeee Goodnite Momy

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Has it own price to pay, I am unable to write a single line without the names and incidents. It's like a huge writer's block, but a challenging one. Writing for writing sake is boring. Anyways, completed half of "Catcher in the Rye by J Salinger".
Memoir from the past (~15 years ago).
I stopped a city bus at 'Fourth Town Police Station'
I walked to a constable and said, "there is a guy sitting in a ladies seat who refused to vacate".
Poor guy disappeared and nobody dared to sit in that seat until I fought my way through the rush.
With the same arrogance, another day walked to couple of guys in a city bus and said, this is ladies seat, can you please move?
One of the guys, pointed to the lines above the seat that reads "Please do not sit in seats that are assigned to Ladies" and said, this is not a ladies seat, it is just an information.
I got down the bus and took the next one out of embarrassment.
Sometimes our arrogance overtakes our common sense.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


A little hand let go off of me and joined the crowd of its own. GoodMorning! Come in - The Teacher led by his hand and took him around the class room. Everything is new and every one is new. Who is this? asked the little voice. This is Sky, pointing to a cute little blue bird in a cage in the center of the class room, the teacher paused. He is blue as a sky. While some are busy with counting beads, some are busy washing dishes, some are writing and few familiar small heads looked up and smiled a hello. The teacher introduced the new kid to some older kids and led him to a small desk and a chair. I walked away thinking he is in better hands.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Chickened out..

Too much personal info on the web, so removed all my previous posts