Saturday, March 25, 2006

Inside Man

After a Mongolian (my fav) lunch, we went to the 'Inside Man' first show on the first day. Felt like those college days, if you know what I mean. We settled down in the last but one row and watched all the previews and sighed to each other, this one is good and this is just a 'nah' nod for the upcoming flicks.

The feature presentation 'Inside Man' started with its production banners and guess what's the background song is ?
Give up?

jinke sar ho ishq ki chhaanv
paanv ke neeche jannat hogi

Was taken back with a pleasant surprise and eager to watch what comes next. Then it all started with 'chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyaan chhaiyaan, chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan
chhaiyaan chhaiyaan' the titles started rolling 'Denzel Washington', 'Jodie Foster' , 'Clive Owen' etc.,

While I was enjoying the beat and watching the titles, DH got restless, he leaned over and whispered, "Are you sure we are in the right movie?" I nodded with a big smile from one ear to the other and said, "Relax, it is just the title song". I can still see the doubtful look on DH's face, because the lyrics continued even after the titles stopped. DH is not much of hero, heroin running around bushes singing songs type. While 'sar ishq ki chhaanv chal chhaiyaan chhaiyaan' was going, DH must be thinking/ expecting Denzel coming out from a bush in his red suit and dancing with Jodie. That will be one Hollywood comedy hit, if it came into reality.

As far as the movie goes, it was Ok, lil slow and not much action role to Denzel. Jodie was cute, and not much romance added to the theme. If you are looking for adult language, you get tons of it.

Friday, March 24, 2006


When I have no deadlines, submissions, parties to cook for, timely Motrin doses to give, I occasionally read my future hoping to see something in there to look forward too.

Astro this Week:

The emphasis moves from partnerships to deeper matters of soul and soul-mate relationships. Joint financial affairs may also be on your agenda of issues to discuss or reflect upon.

(eyes rolling, I am thinking what does the first sentence mean to me, cause I do understand the second statement, this is the Tax month and we still need to file)

The Sun moves into Aries on Monday, and this is going to give you a chance to make a fresh start, and to birth new ideas that have been in your thoughts. However, if you are going to sign new contracts that could be worth a lot of money, it may best to wait until Mercury turns direct - wait until Sunday. This is going to mean that delays will be removed and you will find that progress is swift and smooth.

(New start! Darn! I thought I will start my new exercise schedule. Well I think I will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully from then on it will be swift like the astrologer said.)

Jupiter is currently retrograde in your communication zone, so don't worry if advertising campaigns or mailings seem to be slow in bringing results. The seeds have been planted, even if you get the results some months down the line.

(Of course I have been asking DH to file taxes from last month, maybe he will make a mistake during the 11th hour and we will get our letter from the IRS in few months)

Saturday brings a need to be both practical and something of a visionary. Perhaps you would do well to take your intuition seriously and listen to those gut feelings. But be prepared to take a look at some far-out ideas that could make waves. Gather opinions from other sources as well.

(Kids are home, so have to be practical. Of course I have to listen to their guts too. Sunday I will write it in my blog and get opinions about how smart I dealt with Vin and his questions on one of those Violin class trips)

Damn! How do the Astrologers know about me so much?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Morning America

Vin and Chotu are busy watching Clifford. DH is busy in the kitchen. Mommy is feeding Chotu, eggy without yolk.

Vin: Daad Wherz my chocolate milk?
DH: I thought no chocolate milk for you today.
Vin: Huh! Dad, givve me my chocolate milk.
DH: Didn't mommy says no milk today? (DH loves kids tantrums in the morning)
Vin: Dad! we should send you somewhere else..
Chotu: Yahu...
Mom: Send him where ? Like Madagascar?
Vin: Yeah!
Chotu: (Jumping) Yay!
Mom: (Relieved ;)

We recently saw that movie and can't wait to ship off Daddy :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Why do my cheese keep moving?

This is a spoof to "Who moved my cheese?" or just a frustrated Friday evening experience.

Our cheese keeps moving, everyday, every month, every year. We want a better smelling, color, quality cheese and keeps pushing ourselves in pursuit of it. We are not content, maybe we are designed not to be content with what we have. Someone superior is watching this whole rat race from up above and gets a kick out of moving all our cheese one inch a day.

We are at a age where the M mouse and the D mouse are always in a hunt for "the cheese", no matter how much cheese is in store, we are always running after it. I hope somebody, some day writes a book about, 'stop running for cheese' and it is O. K. to run out of cheese.

What could be worse than, the D mouse is afraid of the situation where he cannot go on a hunt for the cheese, because of a family situation? The D mouse expects the M mouse to have all the answers and solutions. Wow! that must be one super mouse he got there.

The M mouse is ambitious and at the same time responsible and is expected to tackle the situations giving the D mouse his space for the ultimate cheese hunt. I despise the cheese hunt quality in M and wish can stop it, in spite of writing it in a blog.

The cute lil baby mice coughing their guts out with their lil elbows covering the mouth, so that the hunter mice doesn't get sick. The baby mice not exposed to the cheese hunt scenario would just want to cuddle up with the warm M and D mice forever. Thank god to the authors who have not yet written about- 'Success cheese hunt for six'.

What a cheesy experience that would be! Let get more cheese :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You would know..

answers to many of these questions, if you are a second grader

Q: How would you make a witch scratchy?
A: By taking away the 'w'

Q: What did the boy Octopus ask the girl Octopus?
A: Can I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand.

Q: Why did the boy take a ruler along to the bed?
A: To see how long he slept.

Q: What do you call a snail on a boat?
A: A Snailor. Get it!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get some eggsersize.

and many more of course.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

While you were busy...

As my quarter ends, I needed to wrap up some data analysis and write up some reports. Like you care. Yah, everything is warming up on this side of pacific. Vin has more questions than ever, I don't know what he asks in the school, he got a "continuously curious orca" award twice. Last week, when we were working on his science fair project:

vin: Mom! what is gay?
Mom: **I wish I did not know, but looked straight into his eyes and said**- 'HAPPY'
vin: **With an unsatisfying look**- Is there another meaning to it?
mom: Like...?
vin: the teenage gay..
mom: I am not sure about it..

I should get a most "shocking questions listener award" grrr.

On the lighter side..when putting chotu in bed

chotu: momy, can you thell me a dragon bosther story?
mom: **happy he is not asking about Ramayana anymore** Yeah, once there was a big red dragon booster..
chotu: why is it red? and why is it not blue?
mom: Because he ate lot of apples.
chotu: oh!
mom: he was walking in the jungle and ..
chotu: was it dark?
mom: yea...h and there was nobody **whispering**
chotu: say it loudly momy **angry**
mom: Ok, and he was looking for food.
chotu: whath does he eath?
mom: apples, broccoli, beans, chicken , these are all good for health
chotu: oh! if I eath those will I be like Bheema?
mom: **oh man!**. Yeah, ok listen the dragon goes home and gets into his bed and sleeps.
chotu: Oh! goodnite momy, I love you.
mom: I love you kanna, sleep tight.