Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fact or Fiction

In this world of action figures Bob the builder, Sponge bob, Power Rangers, Spider man etc., chotu had an interesting question the other night while I was putting him in bed.

Chotu: Mommy, Is Bill Gates real?

Mom: Yes, Kanna- he is.

Chotu: Is he rich? (source- his bro)

Mom: Yes. He is the richest man on earth.

Chotu: How much money does he have?

Mom: I don’t know but lots.

Chotu: Oh! Where does he have all his money? All over his house?

Mom: Nope. All is not in the form of money. He owns Microsoft, Xbox and many other things like buildings etc.

Chotu: Does he own you?

Mom: Hahaha! Nope.

Mom: He also gives out lot of his money to the poor people.

Chotu: Oh!

Mom: Ok, now no more questions , go to bed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Challenge me

Chotu always likes to solve a puzzle or two before going to bed.

Chotu: ok give me a hard one

Nanna: What looks like a donut but not sweet?

Chotu: huh! Bagel. That is so easy, I want another one.

Mom: Come let me ask you one while I put you in bed.

Chotu: Ok!

Mom: What is the fastest animal in the world?

Chotu: Jaguar! This is so easy. You need to ask me challenging ones.

Mom: Oh! I don’t know what is challenging for you and what is easy. Why don’t you ask me?

Chotu: Sure. Ummm . It looks a snake and on trees- what is it?

Mom: Python .

Chotu: No- it looks like a snake, not a snake. It starts with a ‘V’.

Mom: Viper, Venomous snake …

Chotu: No Mom! It is a vine. See! This is how you need to challenge me.

Mom: :-

Big Brother

Vin: So what’s going in school?

Chotu: ‘A’ has been chasing us and bothering us?

Vin: Did you tell your teacher?

Chotu: – No

Vin: Then?

Chotu: She tells on us and the teacher gives us time out.

Vin: Oh! Chotu- this is what you guys should do. Kick her and run.

Chotu: Yeah! But teachers don’t believe us.

Mom: Vin! What are you teaching? That is not nice.

Chotu: But Mommm! ‘A’ is always bothering us and getting us in trouble.

Mom: You should always tell the teacher, you should never hit anyone.

Monday, July 02, 2007

What's Next?

Finally the fat lady sang! It is really a great experience walking the aisle. Many popped the question –“what’s next?”. Shrugged off – I quit school. There is so much to do outside of school, and need to focus on Vin and Chotu.
Upcoming posts- Vin giving advise to Chotu on how to handle gals at school.