Monday, December 18, 2006

Candle light day and nights

The greater Puget Sound area lost power due to a severe storm for the past few days, which includes us. We were freezing, practically camping conditions. We had running hot water and cooking gas range with no power. Awesome combination for family get together. We did not have telephone, cell phone, no schools, and no work. Just get dressed like penguins with double layers, socks, sweaters and gather around the candle. We never prepare for emergencies like this unless we are in one. We do have flash lights, candles and match boxes- all in a secure place that even we could not find. We need to push up the garage door instead of switching the button, and drove to the nearest grocery store. It was a scary scene, most of the pine trees uprooted across the streets and branches all over the place. Finally got to QFC, the store was running on generators. Most of the gas stations were closed; the few that were opened had hundreds of cars in lines. There was no bread loaf left or the non-scented candles. We quickly picked what we could and back to home. We did manage to find a 9v battery and a radio to listen to what’s going on around. We don’t realize how much we depend on electricity. We spent a day and two nights with candles while we heard stories from my MIL and my MOM. We thank all those who put their lives on line to get our normal life back.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Trying to kill sometime and peeked into all my blog links and felt like I owe one post. It’s high time to dust this place and cleanup for the holiday season. The boys are growing up with Seattle showers. I am hooked onto Zee TV soaps. I am punctual and very attentive, would not get distracted or diverted from 9:00PM to 10:30 PM watching all the family drama. After that I have to switch to Bollywood channel or Teja for fresh dose of Hindi/Telugu movie. I have spent last three years in pursuing my second masters, where I spent my whole nights doing home works. I was deprived of my entertainment time, so getting the most of it now:) Vin and Chotu are editing the Christmas wish lists everyday, guessing if Santa would really give them Nintendo DS this year, because Vin thinks he was average mean (not the math mean) this year. Moved by his introspection Mom decided to get him the latest and hottest Xbox 360. I can use this as my emotional weapon for another couple of months:)