Monday, August 13, 2007

IBL Program

Since summer is full of Sports, Science, Arts, and Jedi camps for Vin. I came up with up a super idea for Vin. Vin has been asking for another video game console Nintendo DS Lite. We all love incentives. I came up with an ‘Incentive Based Learning’ Program (IBL). I asked him if he can learn Telugu in this Summer, he can get Nintendo DS by end of August. The test is - he should be able to read 1st grade Telugu book and write three or four letter words without seeing any book. I asked my Dad to mail me a Telugu book last month and we received the book four weeks ago. Guess what? - Vin can write and read 1st Grade book. Phew! What motivation and inspiration these Video games are on kids. If we can channel those appropriately, they can be to our advantage. Of course no matter how many games and consoles we have in our house, the limit is two hours over the weekend. Chotu does not like this or any of my rules, but he has to live with themJ